Tips On Doing Household Chores

Handy is aware that keeping up with daily household chores can be a daunting and tiresome task to do. However, to achieve the great look of your home, you need to complete occasional deep clean and general cleaning. You cannot do these tasks all by yourself, what you have to do is to get every member of your family participates. It is easy to enjoy a clean and neat home, but maintaining it as clean as possible all the time can be crucial.

Cleaning the entire home does not end the chore, it also entails a great deal of patience when dealing with home tools and equipment. Take into account the kind of tools when cleaning them. Each tool has its distinct part, which means you need different cleaning approach. But worry not. Handy is a company that facilitates the transaction between the homeowner and professional cleaners.

Let me share some 13 tips to make household chores easier:

  1. Stained kettle or any stainless steel pot – fill the pot full of water and put a slice of lemon for every 2 liters. Bring to boil, and you will find a sparkling clean pot inside.
  2. The exterior of charred pot – you may use stain removal spray for stainless steel, which is available in stores.
  3. Stains on painted metal rails, window frames, furniture – use car wax to remove stains.
  4. Polish plastic surfaces with car wax.
  5. Remove rust from knives and forks, stick them into an onion and rub through the length of the utensil.
  6. Clean glass panels by using a semi-dry squashed newspaper and followed with a dry one to get it sparkling.
  7. Always clean any surfaces with a wet cloth and immediately go over with a dry one. Surface will glow.
  8. Odor

– To remove the smell of sweat from clothes, add three aspirin pills in half a pail of water and put clothes in.

– To remove the smell from the fridge use tea leaves or put one potato.

  1. Prevent houseflies from hovering around your food, place a small bowl sprinkled with sesame oil and pepper. Another method is to light candles with a stand on your table.
  2. Soak bristles of toothbrushes etc. with salt before use as this will prolong the lifespan of the brush.
  3. Lubricate all hinges and locks with sewing machine oil to prevent screeching and rust.
  4. Oil all garden tools before you keep them wrapped in newspapers.
  5. Polish all teak furniture and parquet flooring with teak oil or lemon oil available in stores.

A clean home is like a dream paradise that will always look accommodating and inviting. Each home is a highly personal belonging, how you take care of it is completely up to you. If you routinely clean your house, it will appear as good as new all the time.

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