Guide on buying Corporate Gifts

As your company grow, more budget should be allocated for marketing so as to sustain this growth. Your company should engage in both online and offline marketing. For offline marketing, corporate gifts play an important role be it for your company branding or promotion. To have a success marketing campaign using corporate gifts, your buying decision should take care of the below.

  1. Which industry are you in – if you are in the F&B industry, items like cooler bags, cutlery sets would be very suitable, if you are in the banking industry, items like branded pens, Bluetooth speakers,wireless mouse, etc would be very suitable.
  2. What is the age group of the recipients – if your audiences are youngster, items like IT gadgets, fidget spinners would be suitable. If your recipients are children, items like pencil cases, colouring pencil would be good
  3. What is the gender of your audiences – It is best that you choose some that is unisex unless you are sure that the recipients are of one gender.
  4. Only give out good quality corporate gifts – A lot of time you are on tight budget which might result in compromising on the quality of the gifts. You should always spend a bit more to get good quality products and never buy those inferior items.
  5. When do you need delivery – It is always better to give yourself at least two months for the whole buying process. If you are working on tight time line the price will be higher and at time if the products are customized overseas, there might be delay in transportation.

Hope that the above is helpful in your buying process and hope that you have a successful marketing campaign.

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