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What the colours of your clothes say about you

There is a whole psychology behind colours and what the colours you gravitate towards mean. This may be one of the reasons why we tend to opt for certain coloured clothes or why we are drawn to particular coloured and patterned Farah Shirts like the ones you can see at  Other factors that may affect your choice in clothing colours is the colour of your hair and skin tone as well as the type of event that you are going to be attending.

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Here is some of the psychology behind a few of the colours you may be choosing:

Black – this is a colour that is chosen for its reported slimming qualities along with its use in elegant evening wear. It is a colour that is associated with power and intelligence and is one of the reasons that universities use this colour in their graduation gowns. Black is a colour that is popular with people who are ambitious but with a sensitive side and who value the internal qualities of a person which is why they often choose this colour, so that they are not overshadowed by their clothing.

Brown – As an earth tone this colour is a symbol of strength, reliability and stability and portrays a person of intelligence and reliability. The personality trait of people who opt to wear garments of this colour tend to look for the peace in everything and are respectful of other people and their feelings, in particular those people that are older than them.

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Blue – is often a colour that is worn to business interviews and is used in the design of business wear items. This is because it is a colour associated with confidence and reliability. Psychologists have found that dark shades of blue have a calming effect which is why they are often used in spas and relaxation rooms. People who tend to wear a lot of this colour are usually quite calm and poised in character and portray a personality pf trust and intelligence.

Green – another colour that is linked heavily to nature and promotes feelings of tranquillity. People who are drawn to green hues in their clothing are typically active people with a kind caring nature.

Purple – this colour used tobe linked to royalty and spirituality. Nowadays it is a colour that indicates creativity and insight with a personality trait of a sensitive and dreamy quality with a love of mysticism and passion.

Trending fitness leggings

Leggings have become the go-to option for workouts. If you have loved how the trend of leggings has taken up the market, you’d surely want to buy them for your gym time. Unlike initial time when women were seen wearing one-color leggings, the trends are now shifting to printed options. Here, we will share some of the trending leggings from activewear online. These are classy options that boost you up for the perfect workout period.


Top fitness leggings to buy in 2018


The options below are currently trending and will make you love your gym look:



The coolest option on the list, which we sure that you haven’t seen anyone wearing is the Geomesh leggings. These are specially designed to help you train better. These fit into your skin and shape out your body. With the help of elasticity, the product is stretchable and comfortable. The patchwork on the leggings is a blend of polyester spandex. You can feel the comfort as soon as you touch it. The pair dries up quick and is resilient to tough conditions.


The Abstract printed leggings are a perfect pair for gym or yoga. The ideal seasons to carry this is spring, fall or summers. It is a stretchable pair and fits into your body type with ease. It helps make movements conveniently. The design is quite attractive and is best when coupled with a one-color top or sports bra. This too is made of polyester spandex and gives you comfort.


King Kong Stretch Leggings is an ankle-length pair of leggings that women can wear any time. It can also be used as an activewear because the material of polyester spandex gives comfort and convenience. You will find plenty of colors of this pair, which includes red, black, blue, and so on. These are one-color options that come with stripes on the thigh. You get sizes from small to extra large, and these can be stretched at ease.


If you’d love to own Capri-leggings, you should check out this option. The product is black in color and reaches mid-calf. The material is yet polyester spandex and gives you the ideal comfort and ease of movement. The mesh leggings look attractive due to the desirable design. You can not only carry it for workouts but also for casual outings.


Check out other ‘Trendsetter’ leggings that are perfect for yoga or dance classes. The design has sharp shapes displayed through different colors like baby pink, indigo, navy blue, and more. The print is quite attractive and is best when worn with a one-color top or sports bra. The elastic waist lets you fit into the right pair and it comes with sizes from small to extra large. The pair is soft and comfortable and ideal for summers, autumns, and winters.

Choose your favorite pick or add more than one to cart to order these lovely leggings for workout. These are durable and can be styled with plenty of tops, crop tops, sportswear, and more.

Unique Baby Outfits In 2018

Parenthood is the best experience in the world and especially if it’s your first baby your joy should know no bounds. You must be worried a lot about your baby’s care, clothing, feeding and what not! It’s not just a joy but a responsibility which you have to fulfill in all conditions. The best part about it is sacrifices you have to make in your child’s growth process. The first sacrifice is sleep. Taking care of an infant is a tiring task requires attention at night too. Toddlers present more problems, as this is the age when they indulge in mischiefs and require more surveillance. During teenage and adulthood kids become able to take care of themselves but during these initial stages you are solely responsible for their growth and development and especially dressing.


Latest baby fashion


Today fashion is not limited to adults and teenagers only and has expanded to engulf the newborn generation also. People do not compete in dresses and accessories among themselves only they have dragged kids into this race too. Unique and cute clothing for babies is today’s demand and if you want to stand in civil society, not only you but your baby too should be dressed accordingly.


Latest baby fashion includes trendy dresses especially designed for babies and sometimes these are tiny versions of adult dressing. It is not uncommon to see little girls sporting purses and carrying handbags or clutch bags like their mamma. Little boys too love to be dressed as papa and want to host moustache.

The dresses in discussion today are rompers, tops, pants, jumpsuits and other outfits.It is not a fact of wonder that baby outfits too, like adult and teenage outfits are bifurcated on the basis of occasions. This had led to competition among parents as they are in zest to prove that their baby is the cutest. Fashion brands are reaping huge profits from this race by launching new fashions day and night. Babies too revel and enjoy when their parents bring new dresses and prepare them for public exposure. The various colors, cute accessories and attractive dresses have become kids’ favorite and they too demand new things from their parents.


Unique and cute clothing attract everyone’s notice and appreciation and are subject of establishing your status in the society. If you want your baby to be a rocking buddy, or beautiful Barbie or only a little darling, dress him or her in the latest fashion and see how she shines.


Dressing properly is also important for personality development and growth which you can teach your baby when he takes the first step. So stop searching and get the best for your kiddo and dress him like a superstar.

Guide on buying Corporate Gifts

As your company grow, more budget should be allocated for marketing so as to sustain this growth. Your company should engage in both online and offline marketing. For offline marketing, corporate gifts play an important role be it for your company branding or promotion. To have a success marketing campaign using corporate gifts, your buying decision should take care of the below.

  1. Which industry are you in – if you are in the F&B industry, items like cooler bags, cutlery sets would be very suitable, if you are in the banking industry, items like branded pens, Bluetooth speakers,wireless mouse, etc would be very suitable.
  2. What is the age group of the recipients – if your audiences are youngster, items like IT gadgets, fidget spinners would be suitable. If your recipients are children, items like pencil cases, colouring pencil would be good
  3. What is the gender of your audiences – It is best that you choose some that is unisex unless you are sure that the recipients are of one gender.
  4. Only give out good quality corporate gifts – A lot of time you are on tight budget which might result in compromising on the quality of the gifts. You should always spend a bit more to get good quality products and never buy those inferior items.
  5. When do you need delivery – It is always better to give yourself at least two months for the whole buying process. If you are working on tight time line the price will be higher and at time if the products are customized overseas, there might be delay in transportation.

Hope that the above is helpful in your buying process and hope that you have a successful marketing campaign.

Shop Affordably in Time for Spring with 1.74 High Index Progressive Lenses

When it comes to shopping for the springtime, choosing an affordable wardrobe is the way to go. Head to toe, you shouldn’t be spending thousands of dollars for the spring time. Soon enough, spring will melt into summer and you won’t be seeing much of those same pieces until the next year. Our number one pick for the spring is purchasing a good pair of 1.74 high index progressive lenses. The best brand that we’ve scouted out is Payne Glasses, who sells them to start at $5.99 USD. This bargain brand remarkably delivers unstoppable quality for the price. You no longer have to wonder whether you should buy the oval or rectangular shaped specs—just buy them both, your pockets won’t hurt afterwards that’s for sure!


A few trends are evident this spring, such as the need for the color red. Whether it be in your pants or blazer, a blush red hue will have the whole crowd sighing. The color also has psychological benefits as it makes you automatically look more attractive. The best hue to watch out for is fire-engine red. Make it succulent, joyous, but not cheap-looking. If you’re not yet feeling super confident wearing a red blazer to work, then opt for a simple accessory first. If you wear eyeglasses, Payne Glasses also sells wonderful fire-engine 1.74 high index progressive lenses that come in various textures and patterns. Or else, a bold red heel is a nice way to break up the neutral black and white outfit that you always find yourself wearing out. Put a little pop of color into your wardrobe, it won’t kill you!


Another great trend is sequins… we know you’ve been waiting for this one to come back in style! Who doesn’t like a great black sequined shirt for when you want to grab a few cocktails with your best girlfriends amidst a room of sweaty dancers. Or dare to be a little extra fancy next time you have a date with your boyfriend. Sequins and glasses will add some extra flare, so no need to worry about wearing your favorite pair of 1.74 high index progressive lenses on your date night too.


Be transparent in your wardrobe the same way you strive to be in your relationships is trend numero tres. From sporting a transparent bag that showcases your cheetah-print makeup bag, to all sheer shirts that require you to wear an undercover slimming blouse.


If you are truly eager to look expensive without the price tag, it may sound counterintuitive since spring is all about colors and florals (as mentioned earlier) but you should focus on building a monochromatic wardrobe for yourself. Unless you have a great knack for picking out expensive-looking color, then you should go for an all-white or all-black outfit simply with a pop of color through your accessories. It’s harder to go wrong with a nice pair of red pumps or a green handbag than with a fluorescent red blouse that you bought from Zara. Use accessories as your color palette.

Another trade secret tip is to invest in a few good staple items, such as a good leather handbag that is structured and costs no more than $200. Even if this isn’t as budget friendly as you may have hoped, the price tag on this beauty is well worth.


Another no-brainer is to change out the buttons that you get from affordable fashion lines. The flimsy, plastic buttons on your H&M trench coat can quickly be swapped with a robust button that you bought from a tailors’ shop. You’ll see a remarkable difference automatically.


When it comes to shopping affordably, make sure that you get your clothes tailored to your specific shape and size. Cheaper brands will design their clothes in a common shape that doesn’t flatter most people’s figures. You can buy the cheapest $10 brunch pants from Forever 21 and no one will ever know when you get them tailored to the right length and size.


Lastly, remember that a good sense of style comes with confidence. It’s not about how much your clothes cost, but how the clothes make you feel. Showcase your vibrant, youthful energy with a wide smile and alert eyes as you climb the ladder in your career and life. Choose clothes that make you feel good, and don’t be afraid to chance up your accessories. From handbags to eyeglasses, the world is truly your oyster when it comes to fashion.

Own A Pair Of Jordan Shoes But When it Comes To Quality And Budget Its Time To Rethink

Basketball legends have their own charm and the way they carry themselves are one of the finest examples to the gear they own. Thinking about moving around, one needs to be extra sure that they are wearing the right pair. Now With all the hype about Jordan pair, one needs to be extra sure that they have the right amount of money when approaching the showrooms for these stupendously high quality yet high priced shoes. Purchasing them is like owning a small bit of one’s dream and this is by far the best reasons why one should be good enough to have a small survey done online to ensure that the pair is really worth it. This could be the very exciting thing about having a Jordan pair that is by far the most favourite among any age group opting for quality and comfort.


There is enough and more that is told about the Jordan pair and this is one of the most fascinating things about shoes is that they are so comfortable to wear and even when using them for sports. Being multipurpose footwear shoes have always got their charm enough to make many go around searching for the right pair. Now with internet by one’s side, it is easily identifiable to take the amount of hard work finding one to minimum levels as one could easily find cheap jordans shoes all around the corner, when they search for it right. There is immense popularity in the United States for a Jordan pair of shoes that are the right size and the right fit for everyone. This calls for a very important step that is to identify the right candidates for the job and make sure the store sells the correct pairs. This by far is one of the most important things to know about making the Jordan pair an effective tool to incorporate the ideas of a very significantly priced shoe that is making waves in the online world.

Taking Time To Understand More About The Jordan Shoes


If in doubt checking the internet will help as the build quality and the stature of this shoe has been famous and folklores have been sent out for ages, considering the joke intended to be used there. With the very texture and combination of material available, owning a Jordan pair is no small thing and is considered an achievement.
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