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Trending fitness leggings

Leggings have become the go-to option for workouts. If you have loved how the trend of leggings has taken up the market, you’d surely want to buy them for your gym time. Unlike initial time when women were seen wearing one-color leggings, the trends are now shifting to printed options. Here, we will share some of the trending leggings from activewear online. These are classy options that boost you up for the perfect workout period.


Top fitness leggings to buy in 2018


The options below are currently trending and will make you love your gym look:



The coolest option on the list, which we sure that you haven’t seen anyone wearing is the Geomesh leggings. These are specially designed to help you train better. These fit into your skin and shape out your body. With the help of elasticity, the product is stretchable and comfortable. The patchwork on the leggings is a blend of polyester spandex. You can feel the comfort as soon as you touch it. The pair dries up quick and is resilient to tough conditions.


The Abstract printed leggings are a perfect pair for gym or yoga. The ideal seasons to carry this is spring, fall or summers. It is a stretchable pair and fits into your body type with ease. It helps make movements conveniently. The design is quite attractive and is best when coupled with a one-color top or sports bra. This too is made of polyester spandex and gives you comfort.


King Kong Stretch Leggings is an ankle-length pair of leggings that women can wear any time. It can also be used as an activewear because the material of polyester spandex gives comfort and convenience. You will find plenty of colors of this pair, which includes red, black, blue, and so on. These are one-color options that come with stripes on the thigh. You get sizes from small to extra large, and these can be stretched at ease.


If you’d love to own Capri-leggings, you should check out this option. The product is black in color and reaches mid-calf. The material is yet polyester spandex and gives you the ideal comfort and ease of movement. The mesh leggings look attractive due to the desirable design. You can not only carry it for workouts but also for casual outings.


Check out other ‘Trendsetter’ leggings that are perfect for yoga or dance classes. The design has sharp shapes displayed through different colors like baby pink, indigo, navy blue, and more. The print is quite attractive and is best when worn with a one-color top or sports bra. The elastic waist lets you fit into the right pair and it comes with sizes from small to extra large. The pair is soft and comfortable and ideal for summers, autumns, and winters.

Choose your favorite pick or add more than one to cart to order these lovely leggings for workout. These are durable and can be styled with plenty of tops, crop tops, sportswear, and more.

Fine Streaming Options As Per Your Choice Now: And the Player

Thousands of websites offer Internet users the opportunity to watch videos or listen to music. These paid or free offers (videos on demand, webradios, etc.) use the streaming technique, a mode of streaming.

What is streaming?

The streaming , also called “continuous broadcast mode” or “broadcast stream”, is a method of transmitting audio and video that can play media files (video or audio) without having to download them.

This broadcasting technique has the main advantage of giving direct access to the content, without the need to wait or download software. As Demand Africa now streaming the best shows, the results are perfect.

How it works?

Streaming makes it possible to play an audio or video stream (for video on demand for example), as it is downloaded. The data is streamed as soon as the user requests the file, and not after the complete download of the video and sound extract.

However, this streaming mode works in the same way as a download, by exchanging data between a server and a client. The multimedia content is made available on a server. The client wishing to access it sends a request to retrieve a part, at the place of the content where he wants to start reading.

The answer is placed in a buffer. When there is enough data in this memory to play the beginning of the audio or video file, playback starts. Downloading the stream continues to feed the buffer with the rest of the file.

Streamed data is not stored on the hard disk but uses the computer’s memory. The downloaded stream is analyzed by the computer in a media player, for example Apple’s Quicktime Player or Microsoft’s Windows Media Player.

Streaming apps

Many websites use streaming to broadcast audio or video content, especially television or radio sites on the Internet (webradios and webTV).

This technique is very useful when the total file size or playback time is important. It avoids the prior download of the entire file before reading and gives faster access to content. It is widely used for broadcasting television series or movies on the web.

It also allows the sending of live content or lightly deferred, for example on sites equipped with a meteogram (webcam broadcasting the landscape and weather conditions “live”).

Live streaming has become the essential way of broadcasting since video has become a part of our daily lives. This is a live broadcast mode that attracts all kinds of audiences. Several specialized applications already exist and compete with each other. This video from Méta-Media presents live streaming and how to use it effectively for specific purposes.

Nowadays, TV no longer has the monopoly of live broadcasting: live streaming is within the reach of everyone and all it takes is a smartphone and a video application to launch a live. But the competition between the big platforms and live applications that appear every day (or almost) is tough.