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Guide on buying Corporate Gifts

As your company grow, more budget should be allocated for marketing so as to sustain this growth. Your company should engage in both online and offline marketing. For offline marketing, corporate gifts play an important role be it for your company branding or promotion. To have a success marketing campaign using corporate gifts, your buying decision should take care of the below.

  1. Which industry are you in – if you are in the F&B industry, items like cooler bags, cutlery sets would be very suitable, if you are in the banking industry, items like branded pens, Bluetooth speakers,wireless mouse, etc would be very suitable.
  2. What is the age group of the recipients – if your audiences are youngster, items like IT gadgets, fidget spinners would be suitable. If your recipients are children, items like pencil cases, colouring pencil would be good
  3. What is the gender of your audiences – It is best that you choose some that is unisex unless you are sure that the recipients are of one gender.
  4. Only give out good quality corporate gifts – A lot of time you are on tight budget which might result in compromising on the quality of the gifts. You should always spend a bit more to get good quality products and never buy those inferior items.
  5. When do you need delivery – It is always better to give yourself at least two months for the whole buying process. If you are working on tight time line the price will be higher and at time if the products are customized overseas, there might be delay in transportation.

Hope that the above is helpful in your buying process and hope that you have a successful marketing campaign.

Tips On Doing Household Chores

Handy is aware that keeping up with daily household chores can be a daunting and tiresome task to do. However, to achieve the great look of your home, you need to complete occasional deep clean and general cleaning. You cannot do these tasks all by yourself, what you have to do is to get every member of your family participates. It is easy to enjoy a clean and neat home, but maintaining it as clean as possible all the time can be crucial.

Cleaning the entire home does not end the chore, it also entails a great deal of patience when dealing with home tools and equipment. Take into account the kind of tools when cleaning them. Each tool has its distinct part, which means you need different cleaning approach. But worry not. Handy is a company that facilitates the transaction between the homeowner and professional cleaners.

Let me share some 13 tips to make household chores easier:

  1. Stained kettle or any stainless steel pot – fill the pot full of water and put a slice of lemon for every 2 liters. Bring to boil, and you will find a sparkling clean pot inside.
  2. The exterior of charred pot – you may use stain removal spray for stainless steel, which is available in stores.
  3. Stains on painted metal rails, window frames, furniture – use car wax to remove stains.
  4. Polish plastic surfaces with car wax.
  5. Remove rust from knives and forks, stick them into an onion and rub through the length of the utensil.
  6. Clean glass panels by using a semi-dry squashed newspaper and followed with a dry one to get it sparkling.
  7. Always clean any surfaces with a wet cloth and immediately go over with a dry one. Surface will glow.
  8. Odor

– To remove the smell of sweat from clothes, add three aspirin pills in half a pail of water and put clothes in.

– To remove the smell from the fridge use tea leaves or put one potato.

  1. Prevent houseflies from hovering around your food, place a small bowl sprinkled with sesame oil and pepper. Another method is to light candles with a stand on your table.
  2. Soak bristles of toothbrushes etc. with salt before use as this will prolong the lifespan of the brush.
  3. Lubricate all hinges and locks with sewing machine oil to prevent screeching and rust.
  4. Oil all garden tools before you keep them wrapped in newspapers.
  5. Polish all teak furniture and parquet flooring with teak oil or lemon oil available in stores.

A clean home is like a dream paradise that will always look accommodating and inviting. Each home is a highly personal belonging, how you take care of it is completely up to you. If you routinely clean your house, it will appear as good as new all the time.

Shop Affordably in Time for Spring with 1.74 High Index Progressive Lenses

When it comes to shopping for the springtime, choosing an affordable wardrobe is the way to go. Head to toe, you shouldn’t be spending thousands of dollars for the spring time. Soon enough, spring will melt into summer and you won’t be seeing much of those same pieces until the next year. Our number one pick for the spring is purchasing a good pair of 1.74 high index progressive lenses. The best brand that we’ve scouted out is Payne Glasses, who sells them to start at $5.99 USD. This bargain brand remarkably delivers unstoppable quality for the price. You no longer have to wonder whether you should buy the oval or rectangular shaped specs—just buy them both, your pockets won’t hurt afterwards that’s for sure!


A few trends are evident this spring, such as the need for the color red. Whether it be in your pants or blazer, a blush red hue will have the whole crowd sighing. The color also has psychological benefits as it makes you automatically look more attractive. The best hue to watch out for is fire-engine red. Make it succulent, joyous, but not cheap-looking. If you’re not yet feeling super confident wearing a red blazer to work, then opt for a simple accessory first. If you wear eyeglasses, Payne Glasses also sells wonderful fire-engine 1.74 high index progressive lenses that come in various textures and patterns. Or else, a bold red heel is a nice way to break up the neutral black and white outfit that you always find yourself wearing out. Put a little pop of color into your wardrobe, it won’t kill you!


Another great trend is sequins… we know you’ve been waiting for this one to come back in style! Who doesn’t like a great black sequined shirt for when you want to grab a few cocktails with your best girlfriends amidst a room of sweaty dancers. Or dare to be a little extra fancy next time you have a date with your boyfriend. Sequins and glasses will add some extra flare, so no need to worry about wearing your favorite pair of 1.74 high index progressive lenses on your date night too.


Be transparent in your wardrobe the same way you strive to be in your relationships is trend numero tres. From sporting a transparent bag that showcases your cheetah-print makeup bag, to all sheer shirts that require you to wear an undercover slimming blouse.


If you are truly eager to look expensive without the price tag, it may sound counterintuitive since spring is all about colors and florals (as mentioned earlier) but you should focus on building a monochromatic wardrobe for yourself. Unless you have a great knack for picking out expensive-looking color, then you should go for an all-white or all-black outfit simply with a pop of color through your accessories. It’s harder to go wrong with a nice pair of red pumps or a green handbag than with a fluorescent red blouse that you bought from Zara. Use accessories as your color palette.

Another trade secret tip is to invest in a few good staple items, such as a good leather handbag that is structured and costs no more than $200. Even if this isn’t as budget friendly as you may have hoped, the price tag on this beauty is well worth.


Another no-brainer is to change out the buttons that you get from affordable fashion lines. The flimsy, plastic buttons on your H&M trench coat can quickly be swapped with a robust button that you bought from a tailors’ shop. You’ll see a remarkable difference automatically.


When it comes to shopping affordably, make sure that you get your clothes tailored to your specific shape and size. Cheaper brands will design their clothes in a common shape that doesn’t flatter most people’s figures. You can buy the cheapest $10 brunch pants from Forever 21 and no one will ever know when you get them tailored to the right length and size.


Lastly, remember that a good sense of style comes with confidence. It’s not about how much your clothes cost, but how the clothes make you feel. Showcase your vibrant, youthful energy with a wide smile and alert eyes as you climb the ladder in your career and life. Choose clothes that make you feel good, and don’t be afraid to chance up your accessories. From handbags to eyeglasses, the world is truly your oyster when it comes to fashion.