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Tile installation – Does sheetrock have to be removed before backerboard is put up

I’m building my first house, so this is new construction. The hangers put up sheetrock inside a stand-up shower that is to be tiled completely (floor, walls, ceiling). Does this have to be removed in order to hang the cement backer board, or can the backer board be installed over the sheetrock/drywall?

All I’ve read on Jordans tile websiteabout backer board installation only mentions installation over studs, and never mentions anything about existing sheetrock.

I agree with w/ DIY Doc… Even though some say it’s ok to use green board in a shower/bath area (sheds water) I’d want the feeling of knowing 100% that there won’t be a water problem (Although you didn’t say whether the current sheetrock in place is green or normal white). Lots of folks erroneously think that backer board isn’t water permeable, but water can pass through the backer board. Chances are almost nil that it will happen on backer board used on walls. (Water will fall victim to gravity before passing horizontally thru backboard).

However, you may encounter a problem at the bottom, where water may collect and could seep up under the backer board if sheetrock is present behind the backer board. This moisture could invite mould and mildew if the dampness persists. Therefore, if you decide to retain the sheetrock, you should ensure you have a waterproof membrane (such as a polyurethane or rubber sheet that is laid in the pan of the shower and run up the outside of the sheetrock, in between it and the backer board. This will create a water-tight area, where water won’t damage the sheetrock while draining away. In fact, if you remove the sheetrock, you should still have a water-proof membrane that runs up about 8 to 12 inches behind the backboard (to create a waterproof basin).

Just check out any book that talks about tiling a bathroom shower, and it will give you good detail on water-proofing your shower floor, walls, etc., including the best materials to use.

Good luck